Above Ground Pools



When choosing a pool for your home and family you want to keep in mind – ease of use, economical, and your reason for having a pool. With all this in mind we developed a package that is consumer friendly – our above grounds are easily operated, little time or energy is needed to care for them, they are affordable, and most importantly – you want it to be enjoyable for you and your family whether you are using it for family fun gathering or for physical therapy.

We install SeaSpray Evolution Pools, these come in 24 foot or 27 foot round. The walls are 52 inches high. This includes 2 main drains and a beaded liner.

The pump and sand filter system that comes standard with our pools are made by Pentair. Both the pump and filter come with a full 1 year warranty.

Our pools also come equiped with an automatic timer and Polaris 65 pool cleaner. This takes most of the work and hassel out of owning a swimming pool. If someone tells you owning a pool is hard work or a hassel its because their pool is not set up to be hassel free. By having the timer that comes standard with our pools it keeps you from having to wonder and remember …”did I turn the pool on yesterday?” …. or “honey, did you run the cleaner any?” The timer turns the pump and the cleaner on and off each day, keeps a consistant number of run hours, and just makes it super easy!

The FROG mineral system also comes standard with our above grounds. The FROG is an alternative to salt. Salt is extremely corrosive and will void the warranty on the above ground wall systems, therfore we do not install them. We install the FROG. The FROG system uses minerals to sanitize the water with lower residuals of chlorine. By having lower chlorine levels in the water, the water is not as hard on the skin and eyes of swimmers. The FROG system offers a Algae-Free Guarantee as long as you replace the ($19.99) Bac Pac every 10-14 days, add BAM Algaecide ($29.99) every 90 days, and run your filter the recommended number of hours each day (which your timer will automatically do).

Your job when it comes to owning a pool that we install is super simple:
*every 10-14 days replace your FROG Bac Pac and backwashing the filter
*once per month or as needed bring in a water sample
*every 90 days/3 months add FROG Bam Algaecide
*** And above all else SWIM & ENJOY!